Long Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend is coming up.  For many it means a few extra days off.  While some may be concerned about being tempted by abundance of hot dogs and BBQ, I see an opportunity to burn extra calories and kick up your training a notch.  So whether you eat more or not, take advantage of the extra free time and, let’s hope, extra nice weather!

  • Go for a hike – enjoy some solitude in nature or get your friends and family moving.
  • Try a physical activity you’ve wondered about or never done before: inline skating on Sammamish River Trail, a run with https://www.meetup.com/Paragon-running-and-hiking-club/, personal training session or dance class at DanceIssaquah.com – those are some great date ideas too!
  • Give a vegetarian meal a shot.  You might be a carnivore or pescatarian but a lighter fare will make your body feel great, off-setting those social events, and grilled veggies are delicious!
  • If you normally work out at a gym or studio, throw in a different type of workout on that day off to surprise your body and your mind: yoga or an outdoor trianing session might do the trick.
  • Use the long weekend to get started with (or get focused on) some relaxation practices, such as meditation, breathing exercises and myofascial release (foam rolling.)

Whatever you do, I hope you keep your body active and let your mind relax.

-Juliana Jade


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